Active cooling systems for fluids

Our chillers are compact, ready to use units for recooling of fluids (e.g. Water, Oils), universally configurable and suited for a broad range of technical applications.


We accommodate different cooling capacities, installation situations and technical requirements with several chiller model ranges – or we provide an individual solution.


Depending on customer requirement our chillers are equipped with active refrigeration circuit with air- or water cooled condenser – or realized as heat exchanger station.


Our cooling systems are designed to address all industrial standard applications with no or only little adaptation, e.g.:


  • Laser technology
  • Machine tooling
  • Printing machinery
  • Surface technology
  • Grinding machinery
  • Erosion technology
  • Cooling lubricant cooling
  • Hydraulic cooling
  • Medical technology
  • Food industry
  • Packaging industry