Multi-compact chiller – integrated machine cooling



  • Water circuit containing stainless steel plated heat exchanger as evaporator with expansion valve and solenoid valve for temperature control
  • Cabinet heat exchanger as evaporator with radial fan, expansion valve (no water in the cabinet)
  • Temperature control accuracy water circuit: Standard +/-0,5K, optional up to +/-0,2K


Energy efficient systems


For cooling capacities starting at 7kW we offer specific energy saving systems:


  • Axial fan with EC technology, speed controlled
  • Variable speed compressor with inverter


Product features:


  • Ambient temperatures 15°C – 45°C
  • Tailored housing for installation at cabinet
  • Submerged pump with protection against dry run for water system
  • Stainless steel tank, isolated against condensation including filling and drain valve
  • Evaporator as stainless steel plated heat exchanger
  • Expansion valves and solenoid valves in refrigeration circuit
  • Cabinet heat exchanger as second evaporator with radial fan
  • Fully hermetic compressor, variable speed version optional
  • Hot gas bypass
  • Modern Micro-channel condenser with axial fan and speed control
  • Metal filter mat