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OKM Customer specific housing types

Heat Exchanger systems for fluids

Systems from our “OKM”-series are heat exchangers with temperature control but without active refrigeration circuit. Primary cooling is provided by a customer side cooling water circuit (e.g. cooling tower, central cooling system)eat.

Our OKM are compact, ready to use cooling systems for fluids (e.g. water, brines, oils) for industrial or laboratory machines and processes.

The heat exchanger itself is realized according to customer requirements as plated heat exchanger, coax-type or tube bundle.



Customer-specific layout


Our OKM are generally designed according customer specifications. A range of housing options are available


  • OKM-BL (with full housing)
  • OKM-Compact (compact, no housing)
  • Customer specific housing types


Optionally highly precise +/-0,1K temperature control is available



Sample Applications


  • Heat exchanger for laser cooling
    (e.g. secondary fluid DI-water)
  • Heat exchanger for cooling of industrial ovens
    (secondary fluid normal water without antifreeze protection)
  • Heat exchanger for electroplating equipment or printed circuit board machinery
  • Heat exchanger for connection of machine tooling equipment to existing cooling water systems