Pump assembly with speed-regulated pumps and a flow rate of between 200 and 2,000 l/min, central control switch cabinet and buffer storage

Pump station in a portable insulated container

LMFC series 130 kW refrigeration system with integrated free cooling and 3-way valve, PLC control system and color control display

400 kW heat exchanger station for separating the glycol cold generator circuit and consumer water circuit

Project engineering / construction of cooling systems

For decades, customers have been relying on innovative refrigeration technologies from Lahntechnik. The acquisition of Duotemp Kältetechnik in 2005 not only extended the product range, but also opened up further business areas in plant construction. Lahntechnik / Duotemp GmbH is consequently one of few companies to manufacture all the plant components itself.


This synergy, and the product and service range from the consulting and planning stages, on to the manufacture of the system components, through to delivery and commissioning, gives us the capability to supply you with a made-to-measure refrigeration system: MADE IN GERMANY!


The fact that we design and produce water chillers ourselves means we are not bound by any of the constraints and "limits" that apply to other system manufacturers who purchase their chillers from external suppliers. We always supply you with the best solution, from simple refrigeration systems through to complex, energy-optimized systems. In recent years, the focus has shifted more and towards optimizing the system technology with regard to energy savings and environmental conservation. To achieve the most efficient results, it is crucial to take the overall concept into consideration.



What we offer you

  • Consulting and planning
  • Production of the single components in our factory
  • Project planning of piping networks in your production halls
  • Delivery and commissioning of the entire system


Our systems can be found in many industry sectors including: plastics industry, metal processing, medical systems, chemicals companies, automobile manufacturers and automotive suppliers, etc.



What our systems are used for

  • Hall air conditioning
  • Cooling metal-processing machines
  • Cooling sintering presses
  • Cooling hardening shops
  • Cooling data centers
  • Cooling electroplating plants
  • etc.



We supply you with the following systems for the different cooling tasks

  • Water chillers from our Baseline (BL) standard series, but also custom large-scale coolers
  • Heat exchanger separating stations for glycol cold generator circuits and purely water-based consumer circuits
  • Central pump stations with a switch cabinet to the plant control system, in part as a container construction with integral buffer tank
  • Free cooling unit
  • Water chillers with integral free cooling system from our LM-FC series