Customer specific special-purpose solutions

Illustrative Examples

One of our particular strengths lies in developing economic, detailed solutions for the construction of small-scale appliances. In the "small-scale refrigeration" sector, what makes us stand out are our high levels of flexibility, fast times-to-delivery, as well as cash-value benefits. Our intelligent designs enable us to guarantee precision cooling in extremely confined spaces – if required with utmost accuracy and consistency.


The utilization and environment-oriented selection of materials, components from brand-name manufacturers, coupled with our decades of sound experience in the construction of compact devices, provide our customers with inexpensive series cooling systems of a continuously unvarying certified quality. We manufacture "small-scale refrigeration" appliances as one-off and special designs through to large-series appliances, which position us as an interesting OEM partner. It goes without saying that we can also directly incorporate improvements in the series production process.


Lahntechnik – the specialist for compact special cooling solutions:


  • Cream coolers
  • Beverage and bar cooling systems
  • Product vending machines
  • Medical facilities and laboratories, e.g. cooling plates, cryostats, cold baths
  • Gas cooling / gas drying, e.g. for gas analyzers
  • Medicine and reagent cooling appliances
  • Climatic chamber cooling systems
  • Coffin cooling systems
  • Pipe freezing appliances
  • Environmental engineering
  • All kinds of custom applications