Vapor condensers Schwakos®

Clean and dry air for longer service life of your facilities


In production facilities with open liquid systems and thermal treatment the ambient air becomes enriched with humidity through the evaporation of water.


The partial pressure inside the unit increases with increasing water vapor. The result is vapor containing water. These vapors burden the air, lead to corrosion in buildings and shorten the service life of the production facility.


Our Schwakos® condense out excessive vapor content and thereby help to maintain dry air.The ensuing condensate can be returned to the plant and in turn reduce freshwater requirements.


Schwakos® enable the realization of energy-efficient circulatory air systems through the return of dry, re-heated air in the process. Energy consumption is thereby considerably reduced compared to using fresh air.


Schwakos® are available according to customer needs with an air or water-cooled vapor condenser block or with refrigeration circuit and integrated air or water-cooled condenser.



Suitable for various applications


  • Industrial cleaning processes
  • Surface treatment of workpieces
  • Drying technology
  • Dehumidifaction of process air
  • Biogas dehumidifaction