Series K water cooled

Series K air-cooled

Schwakos® with refrigeration circuit for circulatory air application

Schwakos® with refrigeration circuit for vapor temperatures up to 60°C operate in environments independent of ambient temperature. The warm side of the refrigeration circuit is used for re-heating the air, similar as in heating pumps. An electrical reheating coil is not necessary. This type offers a higher efficiency as it lowers operating cost. The units can be operated in re-circulatory mode that is emission-free and more energy-efficient. As the condensation cooling has a higher requirement for cooling power than is needed for reheating, an additional water or air-cooled condenser is necessary and integrated into the unit.


Our Schwakos® with refrigeration circuits are generally equipped with stainless steel heat-exchangers and stainless steel air-ducting. This ensures that leakages in the refrigeration circuit are avoided, even when using aggressive cleaners in the cleaning process.



Series K Water-Cooled

Version is used when cooling water is available. Advantage over the air-cooled series: Compact construction, less maintenance effort and higher energy efficiency.



Series L Air-Cooled

Version is used when no cooling water is available.