Series WTBL, multi-step, with heating coil and fine filter

Series L Air-Cooled

Schwakos® without refrigeration circuit for discharge air application

Schwakos® without refrigeration circuit are suitable for vapor temperatures in the inlet of up to 60°C. The compact constructional layout enables the positioning of your machines, cleaning equipment or other devices in immediate proximity. They can be connected directly to already existing exhaust or circulatory air fans. A version with integrated vapor fan or fan adapter is just as possible.



Series WTBL Water-Cooled

This version is used when cooling / cold water is available. Installation of a droplet separator and an electrical reheating coil is possible. A heating coil for drying the vapor is recommended if the reheating areas in the system are either not or insufficiently available or the warm, dry air is used for subsequent processes, e.g. drying washed parts.


Series L Air-Cooled

This version is used when no cooling water is available or the necessary condensation power is not very high.