Workpiece and product cooling

Our workpiece coolers find use in all industrial processes where rapid, but workpiece-oriented and accurate cooling is necessary following process-related heating.


Workpiece cooler solutions offer clear advantages


  • Shortening cycle times in production lines
  • Quality security through precisely controllable temperature gradients and partially variable cooling
  • Gains in production space through no need for cooling lines



Compact modular constructions, individual design, demand-oriented cooling process, high reliability


Design of the workpiece cooler is carried out in line with individual specifications, taking into account factors such as cooling medium availability and cooling-related conditions for the workpiece. And so, each and every workpiece cooler is perfectly integrated into the customer-specific production process.

Our units are designed in a versatile and modifiable modular construction, so that they can be adapted to nearly all possible installation conditions. Even for very specific tasks, space-saving solutions and reproducible high quality can be reached.



Planning security through self-evident series of tests


As the cooling time is dependent on shape, material, surface and thickness of the workpiece, cooling curves and thereby the length of the tunnel are determined in our testing facilities.


Additionally, we optimize the cooling process with different arrangements of nozzles, air speed ant the nozzle exits and cooling air temperatures through simulation and tests. Based on comprehensive test results we guarantee a cooling solution which is precisely adapted to specific production requirements thus ensuring highest standards of quality and efficiency.


The following parameters determine the required cooling power


  • Cycle time
  • Workpiece weight and workpiece throughput per hour
  • Workpiece material
  • Inlet / exit temperature of the workpiece
  • Air leakage rate
  • Fan power of the circulatory air system



Operational safety through experience and service


Guaranteed safe installation and function through


  • Interdisciplinary collaboration with all major conveyor manufacturers
  • Efficient air nozzle configurations via workpiece-related optimized air speed and air flow
  • Workpiece testing in own laboratory will ensure the best configuration of your cooling tunnel
  • Commissioning and maintenance on site if requested


Our workpiece coolers have to undergo extensive functional and performance tests before delivery.



Quality and service as a principle


Our production and our products comply with the requirements of DIN ISO 9001 and DIN EN 378, the F-Gas regulation, the EU Machinery Directive as well as the valid German VDE and UVV regulations, consequently the coolers comply with the required high quality standards. Our professional service covers consulting, project planning, commissioning, maintenance and on-site service as well as delivery of spare parts – including our telephone service hotline.