Cooling Chamber DVK

Our DVK cooling chambers enable large workpieces to be cooled down quickly, a process which would otherwise (depending on their size) take between 2-6 hrs, or up to 24 hrs at normal hall storage temperature. With the DVKs, heavy workpieces such as gear wheels weighing several hundred kilograms through to crankshafts up to 8,000 kg in weight and a length of 8 m can be cooled down within a very short time. The cooling chambers are also used for removing single workpieces from production lines for quality control purposes.



Individual design, needs-oriented cooling process, high reliability


The design of the DVK cooling chambers takes into account individual specifications, cooling media availability, and the cooling requirements for the workpieces. This allows every cooling chamber to be integrated in the customer's production environment. The units are variably modifiable. Depending on the workpiece in question, either standard chambers can be used, or specially developed and designed cooling solutions.



Planning reliability with conclusive test series


Since the cooling time is dependent upon the shape, material, surface and thickness of the workpieces, the cooling curves and consequently the cooling times are determined in our testing facility.

Additional tests simulate optimization of the cooling curve with different nozzle arrays, air discharge speeds and cooling air temperatures. The conclusive results guarantee an extremely cost-effective cooling process that is precisely tuned for the requisite performance and duration.



The following parameters are required to determine the cooling performance


  • Cycle time
  • Workpiece weight
  • Workpiece material
  • Intake/discharge temperature of the workpiece
  • Ambient conditions
  • Heat transfer in the chamber



Operational reliability through experience and service


Guarantee for safe installation and functionality


  • Efficient air nozzle configurations by optimizing the air volume, air velocity and air flow to match a specific workpiece
  • Workpieces are examined in our own testing laboratory to determine the ideal configuration for your cooling system
  • On-site commissioning, servicing and maintenance



Quality and service as a matter of principle


Our production processes and products are subject to DIN ISO 9001 and DIN EN 378, the F-Gas Regulation, EC Machinery Directive, as well as the applicable VDE and UVV regulations; the cooler thus fulfills the requisite high quality standards. Our professional services cover consulting, project planning, commissioning, maintenance and our on-site service, together with the supply of spare parts – including a 24-hour hotline.

Our DVK chamber cooling systems are produced as a water or air-cooled version according to which cooling media is available. Dependent upon its size and weight, the workpiece can be placed in position from above by crane or by means of telescopic track rails. An integrated active refrigeration circuit provides for the necessary heat dissipation and regulation of the workpiece temperature until it attains the required level. The advantages of a chamber solution are that practically any temperature can be generated regardless of the ambient temperature.



Product characteristics


  • Extremely cost-effective with greater availability through acceleration of the transit times
  • Huge time savings as the workpieces are dry-cooled within minutes
  • Enhanced quality during downstream processing on account of the uniform, tension-free cooling
  • Gains in production space by saving on conventional cooling lines
  • The proven robust and reliable cooling system technology provides for maximum operational reliability
  • 5-year warranty with a service agreement