Sample industries and application cases

Cooling units from Lahntechnik and Duotemp are utilized in many different industries.


1. Systematic cooling – maximum performance for your processes


Coolers for liquid media


Our coolers are compact, completely factory-assembled cooling units for cooling back down liquid coolants (such as water or oil), universally upgradeable, and are ideally suited for a wide variety of technical applications.


Depending on the specific requirements, they are available as coolers with a tank and pump, flow or immersion coolers, or as combinations of these types.


Various basic model series are available according to the performance class, installation conditions and technical requirements – or we can offer custom-made special solutions.


Our coolers with an active refrigeration circuit are designed to be cooled with air or water, or as a heat exchanger, dependent upon the customer's requirements.


The cooling units are designed so that technically they can be easily adapted for special applications in various industries and application cases including those listed below:


  • Laser technology
  • Machine tools
  • Printing machines
  • Surface finishing systems
  • Grinding and lapping systems
  • Erosion systems
  • Lubricant coolant cooling
  • Hydraulic cooling
  • Medical technology
  • Food industry
  • Packaging machines
  • Furnace cooling



Workpiece cooler


Workpiece coolers are used wherever fast, but workpiece-oriented and dimensionally stable cooling is required following process-related heating treatment. Workpiece cooling systems are available both as a continuous line system ("tunnel") or as a standalone solution ("chamber").


These cooling systems are suitable for (among others) the


  • Metal-processing industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Food industry



Process air cooler


Process air coolers are used in situations where the customer's air/recirculation systems require constant temperature regulation.


  • Air treatment for feeding larger workpiece cooling systems
  • Air conditioning
  • Nitrogen cooling
  • Rapid cooling down of furnaces



Vapor condensers


Open fluid systems and thermal treatment systems can produce clouds of water vapor which pollute the air, cause corrosion on buildings, and prolong the downtimes of production plants. Our Schwakos® condense surplus steam elements and provide for dry air.
They enable the realization of energy-efficient air circulation systems by feeding dry, post-heated air back into the process. This significantly reduces energy consumption compared with using indoor or fresh air.


Schwakos® are suitable for


  • Industrial cleaning systems
  • Surface treatment of workpieces
  • Drying systems
  • Process air dehumidification
  • Biogas dehumidification



2. Small-scale or commercial refrigeration systems


One of our particular strengths lies in preparing economic, detailed solutions for the construction of small-scale appliances. In the "small-scale refrigeration" sector, what makes us stand out are our high levels of flexibility, fast times-to-delivery, as well as cash-value benefits. Our intelligent designs enable us to guarantee precision cooling in extremely confined spaces – if required with utmost accuracy and consistency.


The utilization and environment-oriented selection of materials, components from brand-name manufacturers, coupled with our decades of sound experience in the construction of compact devices, provide our customers with inexpensive series cooling systems of a continuously unvarying certified quality. We manufacture "small-scale refrigeration" appliances as one-off and special designs through to large-series appliances, which position us as an interesting OEM partner. It goes without saying that we can also directly incorporate improvements in the series production process.


Lahntechnik – the specialist for compact special cooling solutions:


  • Cream coolers
  • Beverage and bar cooling systems
  • Product vending machines
  • Medical facilities and laboratories, e.g. cooling plates, cryostats, cold baths
  • Gas cooling / gas drying, e.g. for gas analyzers
  • Medicine and reagent cooling appliances
  • Climatic chamber cooling systems
  • Coffin cooling systems
  • Pipe freezing appliances
  • Environmental engineering
  • All kinds of custom applications



3. Cooling system construction


We design and deliver complex systems for cooling processes or production shops. Beforehand, we analyze together with our customers the requirements as well as the potential areas of energy optimization, then design custom solutions and deliver the required components.




  • Cooling solutions up to 1 MW
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Free cooling systems
  • Water-based systems (tanks, pump stations, heat exchangers)