Information for operators of refrigeration systems

Leakage checks for operators of refrigeration systems pursuant to F-Gas Regulation (EU Directive 517 / 2014)


The F-Gas Regulation commits operators of refrigeration systems to have leakage tests conducted regularly by qualified personnel. The tests prescribed by law are recorded for each individual system in a separate operation handbook that is subject to a retention period of 5 years.


This obligation to control the systems is independent of the statutory warranty.


The revised version of the F-Gas Regulation no longer directly references the refrigerant filling quantity in determining the periodic leakage tests. The groups are allocated according to the mass of their CO2 equivalents. The CO2 equivalent of a refrigerant is calculated from the filling quantity multiplied by the GWP (global warming potential). The GWP designates the climate warming potential of a greenhouse gas relative to carbon dioxide (CO2).

1 kg of R134a has a CO2 equivalent of 1.43 t
1 kg of R404a has a CO2 equivalent of 3.92 t


The interval for the prescribed leakage tests is now based on the CO2 equivalent



F-Gas Regulation
(old, no. 842-2006)

F-Gas Regulation
(new, no. 517/2014)

Every 12 months

3 – 30 kg
(refrigerant filling quantity)

5 – 50 t
(CO2 – equivalent)

Every 6 months

30 – 300 kg
(refrigerant filling quantity)

50 – 500 t
(CO2 – equivalent)

Every 3 months

mehr als 300 kg
(refrigerant filling quantity)

more than 500 t
(CO2 – equivalent)