The integrated machine cooling system

Our smart solution for combining water cooling and air cooling has paid off. Using a compact housing concept, we incorporate control cabinet cooling and liquid cooling. This not only saves space but also means less system maintenance.

The innovative cooling concept—cooling water-recooling unit air-cooled plus cabinet heat exchanger—features two independent consumer circuits and a control accuracy of up to +/-0.02 K in the water circuit. The chillers are supplied in very compact housings built in a control cabinet format so that no additional floor space is lost.

Multi-compact chillers are available in power classes of 2 to 30 kW.


  • Water circuit comprising evaporator as stainless steel plate exchanger with expansion valve and a cooling solenoid valve
  • Cabinet heat exchanger with radial fan as second evaporator with expansion valve
  • Control accuracy: Standard +/-0.5 K, options up to +/-0.02 K in the water circuit
  • Customized housing concept with mounting of the control cabinet cooling on the side or rear/front or top of the control cabinet is feasible

Energy-saving systems

We offer special energy-saving systems for power ranges starting at about 7 kW:

  • Continuous fan speed control (EC fan).
  • Speed-controlled compressor with frequency converter, adjustable
    down to only 30% of the total required capacity

Product features

  • Ambient temperature min. 15 °C
  • Ambient temperature max. 45 °C
  • Special housing for control cabinet mounting
  • Immersion pump with dry run protection for cooling circuit
  • Stainless steel tank insulated against condensation water with drain cock and filling nozzle
  • Evaporator as stainless steel plate heat exchanger
  • Expansion and cooling solenoid valves
  • Cabinet heat exchanger with radial fan as second evaporator, alternatively electronic expansion valve for high precision application
  • Suction gas-cooled, fully hermetic chiller compressor, speed-controlled as required
  • High efficiency condenser with axial fan and speed control
  • Hot gas bypass by means of power controller
  • Temperature accuracy +/-0.5 K (standard), up to +/-0.02 K optional
  • Washable metal filter mat in air intake (optional)



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