High performance with a small footprint

Thanks to their compact design, the coolers can be lined up without gaps allowing for modular expansion as cooling capacity requirements increase. In terms of design, installation spaces for customer-side installation of fluid assemblies can also be achieved.

The KES-V recooling units are designed for specific projects.

Energy-efficient technology such as low-noise speed-controlled fans are part of the basic equipment.

The KES-V units are standardized for one to two glycol-water circuits in open or closed cooling circuits with fixed-value and/or differential temperature control with very high accuracy.

The recooling units are available in water or air-cooled versions.

Footprint dimensions and cooling capacity of the KES-V cooling units:

  • Housing dimensions: 600 x 600 mm; cycling cooling capacity (on/off): up to 9 kW; continuous cooling capacity: up to 9 kW
  • Housing dimensions: 600 x 800 mm; cycling cooling capacity (on/off): Up to 12 kW; continuous cooling capacity: Up to 20 kW
  • Housing dimensions: 600 x 1,200 mm; continuous cooling capacity: Up to 30 kW
  • The housing dimensions can also be selected according to the customer’s specific requirements, depending on their integration into the customer’s plant.
  • Integrated control cabinet cooling for mounting on customer control cabinets is an option, eliminating the need for a separate control cabinet cooling unit.



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