Heat exchanger station for liquid media (OKM)

Our OKM series units (without chiller) are controlled heat exchanger stations that do not cool liquid media by means of a refrigerant circuit, but are fed by cooling water provided by the customer (cooling tower, chiller, water treatment plant). Our OKM units are compact, completely assembled cooling systems for cooling liquid media (e.g. water, brine, oils) in industrial or commercial machines, plants and processes. The heat exchanger is designed as a coaxial exchanger, plated heat exchanger or tubular heat exchanger, as required.
The medium to be cooled is circulated in a separate circuit between the heat exchanger and the machine. The process heat generated by the customer’s medium is transferred to the cooling water in the heat exchanger. A temperature controller regulates the consumption of cooling water and the temperature of the cooling medium. The system separation of internal machine and external cooling circuits is a safety aspect or, depending on the application, necessary for media separation.
This enables the cooling of emulsions, oils and acids.

Individual design

The OKM units are generally designed and manufactured to customer requirements. Various housing versions are therefore available such as:

  • OKM-BL (enclosed housing)

  • OKM-Compact (compact, open housing)

  • Custom designs


  • Control precision of +/-0.1 K available
  • Emergency cooling using city water for safe shutdown in the event of failure of the cooling water supply (frequent use with furnaces)
  • Redundant pumps
  • Flow monitoring ensured by flow sensors
  • PLC for complex control requirements

Application examples

  • Heat exchanger stations for laser cooling (e.g. secondary medium DI water)
  • Heat exchanger stations for furnace cooling (secondary medium normal water without additives)
  • Heat exchanger stations for electroplating / printed circuit board industry
  • Heat exchanger stations for connecting machine tools to hall networks
Heat exchanger station for liquid media (OKM) Main Image
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