for recirculating air application

Schwakos® units with cooling circuit for standard vapor temperatures up to 60 °C work independently of the room temperature in the work halls or the cooling water temperature. The warm side of the refrigeration circuit is used for reheating the cold and dehumidified vapors in the same way as a heat pump. An electric reheating coil is not required. This type offers greater economic efficiency by reducing operating costs. The systems can be operated in recirculation mode, which means emission-free and more energy efficient. The cooling capacity required to condense the vapors generates more waste heat than can be reused for reheating the vapors. For this reason, an additional water or air-cooled condenser is integrated in the systems. Our Schwakos® units with cooling circuit are generally equipped with stainless steel heat exchangers and ducts. This prevents leaks in the cooling circuit even when using different cleaning agents.

Technical data

  • Full / semi-hermetic compressor, suction gas-cooled
  • Stainless steel plate heat exchanger with cooling water controller in water-cooled version
  • Axial fan with high-performance heat exchanger for air-cooled version
  • Switching and control elements with complete wiring
  • Stainless steel reheating coil
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger used as evaporator in the vapor duct
  • High and low pressure switch
  • Thermostatic expansion valve
  • Automatic power control


  • Auxiliary coil for process water pre-heating and pre-condensation
  • ASI / Profibus / Ethernet interface
  • Pre-cooling coil
  • Speed-controlled compressors for energy-efficient output adjustment
  • Customized housing solutions
  • Heat recovery for fresh water


  • Zusatzregister für Prozesswasservorwärmung und Vorkondensation
  • ASI-/Profi-Bus/Ethernet-Schnittstelle
  • Vorkühlregister
  • Drehzahlgeregelter Verdichter zur energieeffizienten Leistungsanpassung
  • Kundenspezifische Gehäuselösungen
  • Wärmerückgewinnung für Frischwasser
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