Recognize responsibility – take sustainability seriously!

Recognize responsibility – take sustainability seriously!

At Lahntechnik, we are well aware that we operate in an industry that bears a special responsibility for the environment and sustainability.
This makes it all the more important that we use our technical expertise and innovative spirit here in particular and do what we can.
Consequently, our strategy is to gradually convert all chillers to A2L refrigerants.
The major advantages of this are that refrigerants with the A2L standard are non-toxic, have a very low global warming potential (GWP) and are characterized by low flammability.
The low combustibility is clear from this table:

The low GWP value of 465 makes the reduction of CO2 emissions close to 78% compared to the previous product class – and this without deterioration of the cooling capacity, but with an improved energy efficiency of about 5%.
These facts convinced us at Lahntechnik to switch to A2L for cooler production. We have recently produced and delivered the first “new” cooler.
The special features of this cooler:

  • 140 kW cooling capacity and 180 kW heating capacity
  • Use of A2L-R454B refrigerant with low GWP value.
  • Heat recovery function, through which the waste heat generated in many processes is released into the ambient air. In this way, the production hall can be heated during the cold months.

Our special offer: we would be pleased to check with you how much heat is needed in your plant and to what extent the waste heat can be used for other processes. We will develop a tailor-made solution for this as well!

  •  The multi-circuit system can cool and heat through several control circuits.
  • Stepless capacity control by a speed-controlled compressor.

The cooling unit shown was developed for cooling the extruder screw of injection molding machines.
The contribution to sustainability plays a particularly important role in our self-image. This naturally applies to all Lahntechnik products, to standard coolers as well as to customized units.
Would you like to learn more and discuss with our experts what we can do for you?
Then contact us – we look forward to hearing from you!

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