Anlagenbau von kältetechnischen Systemen

Customers have relied on the innovative cooling technology from Lahntechnik for decades. The acquisition of Duotemp Kältetechnik in 2005 not only expanded the product range, but also opened up further business areas in plant engineering. Consequently, LT LAHNTECHNIK and LT duotemp belong to the few companies that manufacture all of their own components.

This synergy, the range of products and services from consulting and planning, through the manufacture of plant components to delivery and commissioning, ensures that we are well equipped to supply you with a customized cooling plant: MADE IN GERMANY!

By designing and manufacturing chillers in-house, we are free from any constraints and limitations compared to other equipment manufacturers who buy in chillers. From simple cooling systems to complex, energy-optimized systems, we will always provide you with the best solution. In recent years, the focus has increasingly shifted to optimizing system technology in terms of energy savings and environmental protection. To achieve the most effective result, it is essential to consider the overall concept.

We offer you:

  • Consulting and planning
  • Production of individual components at our factory
  • Project planning of piping networks in your production halls
  • Delivery and commissioning of the complete plant

You can find our systems in many areas, such as: Plastics industry, metal processing, medical technology, chemical companies, automotive manufacturers and automotive suppliers, etc.

Use of the systems:

  • Hall air conditioning
  • Cooling of metalworking machines
  • Cooling of sintering presses
  • Cooling of hardening shops
  • Cooling of data centers
  • Electroplating cooling
  • etc.

To cool the various applications we supply the following:

  • Chillers of our standard series EconomyLine (EL), but also customized large-scale chillers
  • Heat exchanger separation stations for chiller circuits containing glycol and purely water-based consumer circuits
  • Central pump stations with control cabinet for system control, partly in container design with integrated buffer tank
  • Free cooling units
  • Chillers with integrated free cooling unit of our LM-FC series as hybrid design
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